Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's March...

Hi everyone. 

I know I haven't written in a long time (thanks Vanessa and Gordon for your reminders!!!) but I was going through a weird time when I was losing my confidence.

As you can see, we are both now smiling and we are moving on from my pity party!

I don't know if you can see the green tubing - instead of clear - that I now use.  It is for higher flows.  I don't know why you can't use the clear.  Who knows maybe it would blow out or something.

I'm sure you all want to know if the new drug worked.  Well, so do I!!!  They won't know until they run the HLA blood tests on April 14th.  Somehow I expected instant results.  That definitely got me down for a little while but oh well...if it works I don't care how long it take.

I saw Dr. Zaas on the 10th and he told me that he's keeping a lot of people really busy because of me.  Whenever a set of donor lungs that would be the right size and blood type for me becomes available they immediate ask for blood to be shipped for a quick HLA analysis.  There's always that hope for a perfect match.  I sure know they are trying their best. 

I'm feeling pretty much OK.  I have good days and I'm glad for them.  I now have more "not very good days"  where it's a chore to go to rehab and it's just plain hard to exercise.  But Duke doesn't care if it's hard...they just care that you do the best you can.  Whatever it takes to keep your strength up.  I do sometimes wonder if this exercise is using up all my muscle and leaving me with nothing in return!  I'll have to ask one of the rehab staff.  My next appt with Dr. Zaas isn't until April 14th.  If anything comes up before then I let everybody know.

This is the Fitness Center. It shows the track that we walk around every day. Walking is absolutely the hardest of all the exercises!

Oh! I almost forget to tell you that Lee has now joined the gym. He can work out with me.  I use the word "can" loosely because Lee didn't want to go to the gym.  So...I just signed him up and paid for it.  I knew that if I paid for it then he'd go!  I had to drag him in (a little kicking and screaming) but I think he may like it a little. He was really surprised after the floor exercises. They kicked his butt and he had to admit it because he had a surprised look on his face ;-)

Now on to the other part of our life!

We finished another puzzle.  Lee actually did most of it and that's not easy when you're color blind!  He goes pretty much by shape and picture but he can't see the blues and greens.  I guess that explains why it takes him longer ;-)

Here are a couple of pictures from Amy's friend Crystal's baby shower.  Isn't the cake cute?

 And here's a picture of Crystal and Amy...

They've been friends for ages and Crystal was Amy's maid of honor in her wedding.

Amy and I went to our weekend scrap book crop.  It was a lot of fun but it will definitely be the last weekender until after transplant.  Sometimes it's a lot of work to have fun!

Oh!  Here's a picture we haven't seen since we got here...commuter traffic!  It was really backed up but it turned out there was an accident on the other side of the road.  Otherwise it would be the normal - not crowded - traffic.
Below are a couple of pictures of Lee and Missy.  Lee does a lot of the cooking now because for the most part I don't have the energy.  He's already told me that he knows I'll want to take over post transplant.  Really?

Isn't Missy cute?  She sure loves Lee.  The other day I offered to take Missy out for a walk and she wouldn't go unless Lee went too!  Spoiled rotten!!!!!!

This is a picture of our friends Susan and Don.   Susan had a single lung transplant the first part of January.  She looks great and is doing great.  They are really good people and Lee and I are both glad we met them!

Lee and I drove up the Winston Salem so that I could go to a baby shower.  We drove by some interesting property.  Wonder what this would sell for?

And then there's the house that offers separate mother-in-law quarters.  I hope Amy and Michael don't snatch this one up!

Honestly though...these are really old (no kidding!) and it amazes me that they are in the middle of a pretty well developed area.  It's sort of historic.

On to another happy note...Spring has finally arrived.  The other day I saw robins playing with each other and singing.  We hear birds singing all the time now.  Lee said he wasn't sure NC had birds because he didn't hear them when we arrived.  I think they'd flown south for the winter.  They would have to leave NC if they wanted mild weather because we all know NC is not a "mild southern state".

Lee and I went to Lowe's Hardware the other day and purchased a hummingbird feeder.  It is proudly hung on our patio.  Now we just need the birds!

I took some pictures from our patio of the spring look.  We still need the leaves on the trees but that will be here really soon.

I wish I had more information to tell you all but I just don't right now. In a way that's good...since we don't know if the drug worked, I don't want to tell you that I'm getting really really bad!

That is just my way of making it "the cup is half full"

Love to all and happy spring!

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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