Saturday, May 15, 2010

Middle of May

Happy Birthday to Emily, Steve, Carol and Tim!

Well it's the 15th of May and I made it through a week without needing to see a doctor!  Yay!

I spoke with Lauren yesterday and they have a plan.  They plan on bringing back into the hospital the week of May 24 for several rounds of phereses.  That's where they will pump my blood into a machine that will pull out antibodies and then put the rest of the blood back into my body.   Dr. Zaas said it's similar to dialysis. 

The docs are hoping that the phereses, combined with more IVIG, rituximab and bortezimib will eliminate enough antibodies that my donor pool will open up some.  There are pluses and minuses to pheresis but because we have tried the other drugs with no success, this is the next logical step.  I'll need to be vigilant about infection and I'm thinking I probably won't want to be around sick people at all (at least not intentionally). 

I'm sort of looking forward to the treatment.  I really have a good feeling about the success of the treatment.  Because I seem to be having setbacks (hospitalizations) I think everyone (team, Lee and me) believe it's once again time to take the next step.  I'll keep you posted as I get more info.

This weekend Lee is up at Amy and Michael's house helping them build some outdoor furniture.  I think that's great! Amy found a website: that provides plans for wood furniture and it's for women!  Lee's going to help provide some instruction so that maybe Amy can take on the next project alone.  I, meanwhile, am having a nice day at the apartment with Missy.  It's not often that we don't have something to do and I like the relaxing day.  I've cleaned the bathrooms - yes that takes me hours! - and the kitchen and I'm slowly doing some laundry and then I'm going to read ;-)

Next weekend Amy, Michael, Lee and I are going to see the Durham Bulls play baseball.  I'm really looking forward to that and I'm sure I'll take pictures and share them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll write again soon.

Love to all,
Lee, Wendy and Missy

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