Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in North Carolina...

Merry Christmas to everyone and we wish you all a wonderful new year!

While we missed everyone in CA and NV, we had a really nice time here in North Carolina.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with Amy and Michael at their new house and then at Michael's aunt and uncle's house.  That was really nice.

Today, Christmas day, we cooked a turkey dinner and invited a friend from the apartment complex to join us.  He didn't have any family here in town so we asked him to join us for Christmas dinner and that was a lot of fun for all of us.  The turkey was medium rare after 4 1/2 hours so we ate MUCH later than planned but it did taste good once we started eating...I wonder if we were just half starved by then ;-)

Here are our Chirstmas pictures for 2009. 

Before Christmas...

Lee and Wendy.  Robert took these pictures for us.

Lee, Wendy and Missy

Christmas Eve
Amy and Lee

Amy and Mom

Michael and Amy

Martha Stewart has nothing on Amy!

This is a picture of Amy and Michael's back yard a week after the snow.  They really got a lot of snow...

Lee by the downstairs tree.  Doesn't he look nice in that sweater?  Please say yes because I bought it and made him wear it!  :-)

Amy in her Carolina Blue "Fight like a girl" t-shirt.  It makes me laugh that I bought this very Carolina colored shirt at Duke University Medical'd think they would be more selective in the colors they offer (like Duke blue!)

Lee and his new toy.  He was like a little kid....all he wanted for Christmas was this great big remote control truck and I think he was really worried because none of the packages I brought home were big enough to be his truck.  That's because Amy and Michael bought it for him!  We both want the rain to stop so that we can try it out!

You can see how excited Michael is with Amy's new present.  She was excited!  This picture made me laugh because that look would be on Lee's face also if I was getting one more thing for my craft room!

Michael in his Carolina snuggie.  He told his cousins that he too had a snuggie and they sort of laughed but I bet he'll like it a lot because there house is freezing!!!!

Now on to Carol and Rock's house for lunch

This is Carol and Rock, our hosts. 

Amy, Carol and Leah (Carol's daughter in law).

The gathering.

More of the group.  There were 18 of us in all.  It was really nice.

Christmas Morning!

Christmas socks from Sue.  My sister is known far and wide for her great choice in decorator socks :-) Amy got some too and was so excited that Aunt Suzy didn't let her down :-)  By the way Sue, she was really pleased with the colors too.  Michael even wore his Argyle Chirstmas socks to lunch at Carol and Rocks!

Lee and his autographed cap.  John and Sharen (and Brandon and Emily) got Lee this World Series Championship cap and then had CC Sebathia autograph it.  He's a pitcher and won the ALCS MVP in 2009.  And, in case you thought I was blind or something, I did tell Lee that he looks a lot like a convict in this picture! 

Isn't this the greatest hat for NC?  It will keep his ears warm and he'll be ready to play Daniel Boone or whoever roamed the hills of NC!

Missy and Mom.  Missy really wanted to be in the action!

In fact, here she is looking for a present!

And of course she found a treat!

And this was our Christmas in pictures.  I hope you can see that we had a great time.

I'll blog again after the first of the year unless there's news sooner!!! 

Love to all,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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