Friday, December 18, 2009

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Merry early Christmas!

We are getting into the spirit of Christmas and really feeling blessed that things are going pretty darn smoothly.  Nothing new on the transplant horizon but we are ready!

Today we shipped the last of our presents to CA and NV.  Yea! Yea! Yea!  Now I can concentrate on wrapping for Lee, Missy and Amy and Michael.  It's not nearly as bad as that may sound because my very awesome husband has already wrapped the majority of the presents.  I do need to wrap his though :-)

It is snowing!!!!  It's actually sticking to the ground!  Lee and I are really good with this because we have no place we have to be tomorrow.  We're going to stay home and watch Christmas movies and wish we were going to be in Elverta and PB for Christmas.  But, when choosing between a lung transplant and one Christmas with family, we choose to stay in Durham.  It'll be great next year when I can breathe!

I've put some pics here.  The first two are at The Melting Pot with Amy and her best friend Crystal.  It's the first time I'd been there and it was so good.  Lee would have just hated it (way too fu-fu for him) and Michael doesn't like it too much either so we made a good choice for lunch with girls. 

The first pic (not a very good one I know) is of the dessert.  It's dark and white chocolate with all sorts of really good stuff to dip in it!

The second pic is a close up of the chocolate.  I was impressed with how they were able to separate the dark and white.

Now for the rest of the pictures...we show snow!

I needed to go shopping and it had stopped snowing so off I went to the post office and then Target. 

Well, I tried to pretend that the big white blobs that were hitting my window were just large rain drops...I wasn't looking to drive in the snow.

But by the time I got out of Target there was snow on my car and it was getting in my shopping bags!

Here's another pic of the Target parking lot.

I got home from Target to find Lee's CA truck covered in snow.  The poor's never seen that much snow.

Neither has Missy!

Lee and Missy needed to go for a walk...Missy needed to go a lot worse that Lee did :-)  As you can see, Lee has the clothing down pat for walks.  He's where ear muffs, a Kings beanie, a scarf, gloves, and a winter jacket.

Please note the little princess puppy has her holiday sweater on too.  She actually likes the sweater a lot and doesn't like me to take it off!

Lee has lost his "manly" tan umbrella so he needed to borrow my old pink and purple one (my black paisley umbrella was in the car). 

Don't he and Missy make quite a fetching couple!  :-)

It's looking like Christmas...snow on the cars and ground
outside and our "beautiful" 4-ft tree inside and the presents that
Lee has wrapped.

Joy to everyone this season!

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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