Friday, January 29, 2010

Some January pics

Hi again.

I wanted to share some pictures of our month.

I'm crocheting beannies for premie babies at Duke's Neonatal ICU.  It's my way of "paying it forward".  It's also relaxing and a break from other stuff.  Lee wondered if he could learn to do it...nope!

This is the remote control truck that Lee got for Christmas.  He really wanted that thing and I have to say it's just not that amusing when it runs into me by "accident" ;-)  I guess it's better to go after me than Missy...she's scared to death of the thing-  that's our brave baby!

Yes, I have been known to walk Missy too.  Look at Missy's face...she knows it cold out there!  Hey you see the picture on the end table?  We still keep it out even though you've grown some - more like lots!

This is the 1000 piece puzzle that Lee and I put together over Christmas.  We both thought we'd never finish it but at least it had all the pieces!

That's it for January! 

Love you guys,

Lee, Wendy and Missy


  1. Good pictures, Wendy. You two look great, but poor Misty....she just wants her nice warm house, not the cold outside.

  2. Wendy, I know her name is Missy..who know's why I put Misty. That is the name of the little girl couple doors down.