Monday, January 11, 2010

Where I spend my days...

Hi all.  Is everyone settled in after the holidays?  I hope so.  I still am craving the date filled cookies that Ronda makes every year.  They are so awesome and it's the only time I eat them.  Lee and I missed being with the family at Christmas (Elverta/Rio Linda and Pebble Beach) but hopefully next year...

I realized the other day that I had never shared pictures of the Fitness Center where I spend half of my day Monday thru Friday.  I took some pictures with my cell phone so there's no need to post how bad the pics are...I already know it!  ;-)

I didn't think to take a photo of the outside of the bldg but I'll do that another time.

The first picture shows some of the machines and the floor exercises are taking place in the center of the equipment on the wood floor.

The Center has tall glass windows on two sides to see outside.  It is so pretty...even in winter.  The floor exercise last for 45 minutes to one hour and we work on stretching and strengthening.  I use 2 pound ankle weights and 3 pound dumbbells and a green thera-band.  For teaching a class to a bunch of sickies, they sure keep the pace going!

After the floor exercise I usually go to the bikes...  They are on the far side past the treadmills and other equipment.  They have other bikes but I like the NuStep.  It works my legs and arms.

After bikes, I take a 10 minutes break and then head to the weights and then walking.

Part of the weights are shown here.  I work on lower body one day and upper body the next day.  Then I walk on the indoor track (shown here).  I alternate 20 minutes one day and 30 minutes another day.

I spend lots of hours here and it really is a great place.  Lots of good people.

I'm heading to bed.

Love to all,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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