Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disappointed in April

Hi everyone.

We just got news today that the new drug (Bortizomib) did nothing!  It didn't reduce my antibodies at all.  To say the least I am disappointed.  Lee is worried and I'm not sure where Amy fits in between the two of us.  The test results were discussed today at team meeting and Khara said Dr. Zaas is going to investigate what Kidney Transplant folks do in this case (Bortezomib didn't work).  No one wants to just give me another dose if it's not going to do anything.  Is there a different combination of drugs to try?  Add pheresis (blood cleansing - like dialysis)?  Just wait for a perfect match?

I know I'll have an answer as soon as the team does.  It's just a little bit hard watching the others get lungs and I'm just hanging out.  This experience is teaching me a great deal about patience and God does know I need to learn that ;-)  It will be OK...I really believe that - I know sometimes it's hard to see my belief but it's always there!  When I hear anything new I'll post it (sooner than later!)

What else have we been doing since Easter?  The weather has been awesome.  I just love it and hope it lasts for months.  Lee and I have been taking Missy for walks and that's been good for all three of us.  Missy loves having both of us taking her.  I use my walker because the longer walks - and going up hills - is hard to do. 

We bought patio furniture and a garden...
The rockers are very comfortable and we can pretend we are the porch of our old Southern House!

We have high hopes for our garden.  We have tomatoes this year.

Our friends Susan and Don came for dinner and brought us this beautiful plant.  Now I just need to keep it alive!  I'm thinking that will be harder than the tomato plants!

Lee and I had our spring photo shoot with Robert.  We went to a park right around the corner from us.  Robert took around 100 shots and here are a few...
This is a beautiful park with lots of green - grass and trees everywhere- and a pond with a fountain.  This is where the geese hang out when they are passing through.

This is in front of our apartment when we're all done.

This is pretty much it for now.  I have another doctor's appointment the middle of May.  Hopefully before then I'll have good news!!

Lots of Love,

Lee, Wendy and Missy


  1. You're amazing, Wendy, but I guess I always knew that! What comes to mind was that file we "got rid of" and how normal we acted when Polly found out. So, stay calm, have faith and things will work out just fine..kind of like how Polly didn't KILL us when she had to recreate the file. Love you even when you were blond!!!

  2. you guys are Beautiful