Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few more pictures

Hi there.

I wanted to add some pictures that I didn't have last night when I blogged.  Amy came by today on her way to visit her Crystal and their new baby girl.

These are just a couple more pictures from the hospital trip for transplant.

This is the heliport on top of the hospital.  The nurse said it wasn't the Duke helicopter because that one is a really dark blue (Duke blue).  No one in our group new where the copter came from.

These next two show Lee.  You can see from the first one that he was originally sitting on the other side of the glass door by himself.  Amy and I roped him into the room with us and I think it was better.

Last night, because I couldn't sleep, I baked 6 dozen cup cakes.  At first I stopped at 4 dozen but then just kept on going!  Here are pictures from that along with pics of my beautiful frosting.  Martha Stewart move over...Wendy has arrived ;-)

This is the first time I had ever used one of these bags.  It was really fun!

And here she is...the frosting fool!

All done.  Now we give most of them away! 

We weren't done for the day.  We moved on to decorating Easter eggs...

We made some really pretty colors...we thought!

And here are our eggs.  We can't recommend the purple or the denim blue and the pink took 30 minutes to color!

And now...a picture of our baby girl!  Isn't she beautiful?  It's hard to believe she is 9 years old.

We hope each of you has a beautiful Easter.

Love to everyone,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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  1. next time use the vinegar method dosn't take as long but your eggs look great.