Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm alive and well and ten weeks out!

I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long time.

Since the last blog...
I had my stomach wrap surgery on Thursday, September 30th and was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, October 2nd.  I was a little weak from being in the hospital so long (almost two weeks) so we didn't do anything that weekend. 

On that Monday we drove up to Kernersville to look at what might be available for rental houses.  Because we have to stay at least a year post transplant, we had decided to spend that time up in Kernersville - closer to Amy and Michael.  We would also be closer to Michael's family who have been a real joy to us!  They have taken us in and made us feel like family!

The rest of that week I went to rehab every day and went from walking 10 minutes very slowly on Tuesday to walking a mile in 20 minutes by Friday.  For me that is awesome because if I look back to ten weeks ago, I couldn't walk across the living room without my walker! 

This week I saw the surgeon for a follow-up on the 11th.  He asked how I was doing and my response was "just fine!"  In fact, I was a little concerned that I had popped the two stitches that hold the stomach wrapped around my esophagus because I felt so good.  Pretty much everyone I knew who had this done said the first three weeks were really bad and I just didn't have a single problem! :-)  The surgeon assured me I didn't pop anything and said I didn't need to come back to see him!

Then, on the 13th, I saw Dr. Zaas.  I hadn't had a clinic appointment with him since transplant.  I really like each of the transplant doctors but I'll always have an affinity towards Dr. Zaas because he was the doc who saw me through the year of pre-transplant.  Dr. Zaas is the only doctor who can look at me and know just how far I've come...even I tend to forget sometimes.  The appointment was great.  My X-ray was good, my PFTs were good and my blood work was good!  Dr. Zaas lengthened my leash so that Lee and I can relocate up to Kernersville when the time is right.  That's a big deal because sometimes patients are kept really close for months and months if the docs don't think they are doing as well as they should.

I was also switched from once a week to once every two weeks for clinic appointments.  Yay!  I must finally be improving!!!!  I feel really good.  In fact I've felt great since the 11th and I think that's a record for me :-)  It is so great to be able to exercise and go to the store and do all the little things that other people can do.  I still can't lift anything because of the stomach wrap but that will change on Nov 11th. 

I'm attending a Women's retreat this weekend at our church and it's so fun to be with a bunch of other women without worrying about breathing!  Life is really, really good!

On the home front, I'm finally finishing up some birthday presents to be mailed...thanks for your patience Brandon and Vanessa (September) and Sharen (July).  I better start on Christmas now so they get shipped before Valentine's Day! :-)

I know there is other stuff I should be telling everyone but it's early here and I won't think of it until after I've posted this blog :-)  Lee is great - like always!  Have I said how fortunate I am to have him as my husband?  He is so supportive and encouraging of me and I think he's been the best caretaker ever.  He needs to win an award for all he's done in the last couple of years!  Missy is good too.  I don't think she's looking forward to winter here if we get snow again but other than that all is well with her...a place to sleep and a non-stop supply of dog treats :-)

I will honestly try to blog sooner next time. soon as I get the pics from Amy I will post some transplant photos for you!

Love to all,
Lee, Wendy and Missy

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  1. Oh Wendy you sound so good, almost like before, that your blog brought tears to my eyes. You are blessed to have so many who care about you! You can FINALLY start to enjoy your new life!