Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're at Day 15 Now!

Hi everyone,
I am sitting here with mom at the hospital today. She is doing really great and wanted me to make sure I let all of you know that she has been upgraded from chopped food to mechanical soft food. For those of us that are not nurses - that just means soft food. This will definitely be a nice change.

Before she can go home, they still need to remove the rest of her chest tubes. She is doing fabulous on her walking - she walked 38 laps yesterday, which is more than 2 miles. Mom can't even remember the last time she walked 2 miles. It looks like she might be able to go home next week. They will do another swallow test on Monday to see if she can graduate to drinking thin liquids. Until then she is using a thickener before drinking anything. She just had a 'thickened' diet coke with lunch. She has this process down pat now!

I know I haven't been providing many updates, but things really aren't changing, which is actually a great thing!

Will let you know when she comes home.


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