Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mama's got a new set of lungs!!!

Hi everyone!  I bet you were wondering if I'd ever be blogging again.  Well ... so was I :-)

Amy did such a great job keeping things updated that I didn't think my input was all that necessary!  It actually took me until now to sit down at the computer and start typing.  I keep telling people that 'I'm fine' but that just seems so minimal compared to what I really am!!!

I am a walking miracle!!!!  I can breathe!  I can breathe as well as most people!  My heart rate isn't sitting at 125...it's hanging out around 75 - 80.  My pain decreases for the most part every day. 

I had my first clinic visit today (post transplant).  It was supposed to be tomorrow but I was having some pain when I was taking deep breaths so they brought me in a day early.

My pulmonary function test was amazing!!!!  I showed an improvement of 181 percent over my last PFT (pre-transplant).  And these results are when it was a little painful to take a deep breath!  I am equal to around 75 percent of the other people out there breathing!!!!  Yay!

My blood tests were fine and my x-ray showed possible fluid buildup in the bottom corners of the lungs.  So...of course...Lee and I are off to Duke North for a CT scan tonight.  If it shows fluid then they will drain the fluid and / or put in another chest tube.  I'm voting for there not being any fluid! 

These little situations are to be expected and it doesn't mean they need to put me back in the hospital.  If they were to drain the fluid they can see if there is any infection there.  That would be jumped on right away.

I did find out today that while my antibodies were a go with this donor, apparently I had a positive cross match which meant after all was hooked back up, my cells started fighting with my new lung cells!  That's why I had so many doses of plasmapheresis.  I'm glad I was out of it early on so I wouldn't be worrying about that too!  I guess that's OK now because they stopped the pheresis a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I went to rehab and walked without my walker, did the bikes for 15 minutes and worked on weights for lower body...also did the floor class.  It felt good!

I'll keep everyone posted on the CT scan and whatever else they decide to do.

Thanks so much from the very bottom of my heart for your love, support and prayers.  Each and every one is appreciated and needed!

Love to all,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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