Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tweeking things a little

Hi all.

Well, I've been home two weeks now and it's been pretty uneventful.  Lee and I are learning how to run our own little pharmacy here in the kitchen!  It's pretty nuts all the drugs I need to take but from what I hear, some of these drugs should be cut back or eliminated at some point!  Yay for that!

I'm still diabetic and having to give myself baseline insulin shots at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  None at bedtime which I guess is a small victory we can be happy with.  Hopefully the diabetes could go away also when some of these heavy duty drugs are cut back.  We can hope!

I've been into clinic a few extra times because these guys take absolutely nothing for chance.  I had a pain so I ended up with a chest x-ray and a VQ scan (looking for blood clot).  They found fluid on the bottom of my lungs (mostly left lung) so the next day I had that fluid 'drawn' off.  Not vey pleasant but at least they did it from the back so I didn't see that six foot needle (jk).  They numb you then stick in the needle and then stick in a small catheter and pull out the needle.  The fluid then drains out.  There wasn't a huge amount of fluid but they want to test it for infection.

The group is as paranoid about infection as I am!  Infection, left untreated, is something that can kill you when your body is so immunocompromised!  It can cause rejection and that is not something we want!

I have my bronchoscopy on Tuesday morning.  This is my second one (first in hospital) and there will be many more.  They will be looking for infection, rejection, fungus or anything else that might jump up and rear it's ugly head!!!  Hopefully none will be found but, for the first year, we are all prepared for a trip or two to the hospital if needed.  I do have a friend who is six months out and hasn't had any rejection!  Yay for Susan.  I hope I do as well as she is.  Susan is really strong.  But...don't confuse strength with no rejection.  Someone can be super strong and super dedicated to taking care of themselves and it can still pop up...very strange.

Now on to something really fun...
My friends Polly and Linda came out to see Lee and I this last week.  They came for four nights and stayed in one of the corporate apts at our complex.  We had so much fun!  We went to local restaurants that they don't offer in CA and the food was great.  Some of these places made us hesitate just a little when we drove up but the food was great.  Hog Heaven BBQ, Five Guys Burgers, Waffle House (Stephen-- they loved it!).  Then yesterday I was too pooped to join them on their site seeing adventures so Lee and I stayed home and they drove to the beach.  The pics were gorgeous and they ate at Olde Salty's (I don't think there's one of those in CA either :-)

We didn't get any weather from Earl - sunshine and beautiful here - and the beach they went to on Saturday looked just fine too.

Well that's it so far.  I'm going to try and make it to church today - hopefully I'll still have it in me by 10:45 :-)

Happy Labor Day to everyone and love and hugs,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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