Friday, September 10, 2010

More fun!

Another fun filled birthday!  I'm in the hospital for a little "repair" work. 

As I said earlier if things didn't change I'd be back in and they didn't change!  My biopsy results from the bronch showed mild rejection - better than severe!  The CT scans I had done showed more fluid - after it was drained off on Friday.

So today I came into the hospital and the first thing they did was put in a chest tube.  Let me's way better to wake up from an operation with the tubes already in your chest than to experience inserting the tubes while you are awake!!!!  That last part was REALLY painful.'s done.  The doc that put in the chest tube usually doesn't do it anymore.  He's like the top guy and he teaches others.  I liked him a lot.  He talked to me all through the procedure and let me know how things were going and how we were progressing.  No surprises from him.

Then they brought me to a room up here on 7800 where I'll be until discharge.  My doc wants to try and figure out a couple of different things.  First...can they find an "outside" reason for the rejection?  To that end they will be doing lots of stomach and reflux type tests to see if I'm aspirating into my new lungs.  That can cause rejection.

They will also be giving me some stronger IV meds that they don't want to administer at home.  All in all this isn't the way I'd choose to spend my b-day but, at this point in my life, my lungs come first!  That's why we are here at Duke - for my lungs.  These docs are the best in their field and they know what they are doing.  If they say I need to be in the hospital then away we go :-)

We'll keep you posted on any other weird tests they might do or if we find any answers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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