Monday, September 21, 2009

On the road to Duke - day 2

We left Barstow at 8:00 this morning. We have already given up on the "let's get out of town before dawn"...we are both so tired that we haven't even set an alarm!

For the first 150 miles, the drive from Barstow to Holbrook, AZ doesn't have a very different landscape - lots of dirt and sage brush. After that we headed into mountains and some really high elevation.

Because of my illness I'm not supposed to be in altitude without a whole bunch of oxygen pumping into my system. That said, I dozed while Lee drove and neither one of us noticed that the oxygen tank had run out. My oxygen saturation number was 75! Normal should be between 95 and 100. Lee pulled right to the side of the road for that one...he's so nice. He climbed into the back of the pickup with the big rigs whizzing by and set up my new oxygen tank. After that episode Lee asks me every two hours if I still have oxygen.

We are still at altitude and I really notice it when I get out of the truck and walk around. It really zaps me.

We arrived at our hotel at 4:00 this afternoon and it's now 6:20 p.m. We've already eaten and I'm ready for bed! Maybe we will actually make that early start tomorrow.

We'll send pics in the next post...

Lee and Wendy

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  1. Okay I keep forgetting my password and have to keep starting my comment over again. How much do you know about the surgery? I'm on a liquid diet today for a procedure tomorrow and I haven't pulled my hair out yet. I think this blog of yours is a great idea to update everyone at once. Will keep in touch