Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the road to Duke - day 3.

Well this is getting a little repetitious...dirt, desert, dust and altitude. I don't do well with any of these but the altitude is really kicking my butt!

We drove from Holbrook, AZ to Tucumcari, NM today. That is not a road trip that is worth repeating...we hardly saw any cars and not to many trucks. At least we didn't have to pass that big over sized thing we kept running into a day ago!

On the way to Tucumcari we stopped in Albuquerque at the Apria place for an Oxygen resupply. They were really nice but just our luck that the on ramp back on to I-40 East was closed and we had to drive around 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get back on! I finally turned off our GPS because it just kept saying over and over and over "re-calculating". I was ready to recalculate it!!!!!

Lee drove most of the time today and I slept in the a.m. We tried to keep Missy up all day because she kept us up last night because she wasn't tired. It was like having a baby all over again.

When we got to the hotel Lee brought our bag in and went back out to the truck. When he didn't reappear for a while I went out to look for him. It turns out that my car was very close to coming off the tow dolly! That just wouldn't have been fun when we were driving along I-40. Lee backed it off the dolly and I was supposed to guide him up these ramps so that the car was on the dolly correctly...no one has ever suspected that I have those kind of talents because I don't!!!! It took four tries...Lee wasn't really impressed but I don't think he was willing to chance my driving up the ramps! But we persevered and it's now back on the tow dolly. I think we're both going to check the car at every stop from now on.

Neither Lee nor I even know exactly what time it is. We think it's 8:30 here but maybe not. My cell phone doesn't automatically change anymore (blackberry) and that was always my cheat sheet. Lee and I do know that no matter what time it is, we are both tired and we're going to bed.

On to Oklahoma tomorrow!!!

Love to all,

Wendy, Lee and Missy


  1. Hey it's Emily(:,
    Woah sounds like you guys are having an adventure. It is so fun reading your blogs so don't stop! My dad wants to know were your next couple of stops will be.
    Love you lots,

  2. I remember driving through Wyoming and all there was to see where miles and miles of fences. I was so stir crazy. Sounds like quite an adventure. I will be praying for you. Jackie