Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We've Arrived in North Carolina


I'm sorry we haven't written in a long time. We didn't have Internet until yesterday and we were both so tired last night that we went to bed around 8:30!

We arrived in Durham on Saturday afternoon and signed our lease and moved into our apartment. Lee, Missy and I slept on one queen sized air mattress on Saturday night because the movers were arriving Sunday morning with our stuff.

Sure enough, Bekins showed up at 8:00 a.m. with their very big truck. The guys unloaded everything and I realized that it was well worth labeling each box because they are at least in the correct room!

Lee and I really cut down on the stuff we were bringing to NC...1/2 our kitchen; no guest room furniture; no dining room furniture; only part of the living room; and not all of our clothes. Having done that I was totally confident that we would be overflowing with space in our new digs...WRONG!

The apartment is really very nice with good sized rooms but the kitchen space and the closet space is not what I was remembering! We went on a mad search for some kind of cabinet/pantry to hold the other half of the food we brought. I was beginning to think the canned goods were just going to stay in packing boxes :(

Today we prevailed...we went to JC Pennys to purchase a small microwave and then to the Target next to this Pennys store (not "our" Target but 20 miles away). The Target store had just what we were looking for -- white, storage and cheap!!! Yea! We will have a cleaned up house some day soon.

We also had to buy a LOT of clothes hangers because we packed one big box and then decided they were cheap and we'd get more when we arrived in NC. Now we'll have a clean kitchen and our clothes will be hung up. I'm not sure it gets much better than that.

Lee is a happy camper now that we have digital cable for the Internet and TV. He went three days with no TV and I'm impressed he didn't start shaking or something ;-). Missy is starting to acclimate to the apartment. For the first couple of days we were worried that we'd get kicked out of the apt complex because she started barking really loud if we went out the door without her. I think she finally realizes that this is her new home and even though "mom and dad" leave her, we will come back. Thank heavens for less barking!

I go in tomorrow morning to Duke Medical for my pulmonary rehab orientation and start the program on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it because I haven't exercised for almost a month and I can really feel the weakness. I need to buff up!!! ;-)

As soon as the apartment is sort of organized I will post some pictures.

Love to everyone,

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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  1. Congradulations on your new digs. I'm keeping updated.