Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finishing the Apt and Getting Ready For Rehab

Well, we've finished - for the most part - setting up the apartment. It will take the whole time we are in the apt to really complete things but except for the craft room we are 95 percent done.
Here are some pics of our new home (apt):

This is the living room as you walk in from the front door.
You can see we haven't hung the pictures!

This is the living room as you are standing in the dining room. Emily and you see Shooter Bunny? We couldn't leave Sacramento without him!!!
Missy likes to hang out wherever we are.

This is supposed to be the dining room. It's such a good thing that we didn't bring our dining room table because it would be sitting in a different room!

We have all the boxes stacked because we are still waiting for the garage to open up so that we can store all these boxes and other things. They told us that our garage will become available some time in October - none too soon!!!!

While we didn't buy a dining room set, we do have a gorgeous solid wood dining table for our kitchen area...isn't it great?

Don't mind how we look because we had been unpacking for about three hours before we stopped for breakfast.

This is the kitchen eating area and the island. We had to buy the two storage units shown next to the windows. There was definitely not enough storage in this kitchen!

This is some more of the kitchen. Behind me is the stove/oven, fridge and pantry (I use that term loosely!!).

This is our bedroom. Lee's dresser and the closets are behind me.

This is the master bathroom. If you have ever been in our house then you know that this bathroom is gigantic compared to our bathroom in CA! Lee and I aren't used to the fact that we can both get ready in the room without tripping over each other.

This is the 2nd bathroom. It is really nice sized also but it only has two plugs! Oh well, we can't complain because we mainly use the room to keep my oxygen concentrator in.

And then there's my craft room! I haven't started organizing it yet. The closet is full of boxes and totes! Hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas gift making!!!

So, that's our new home. We like it. It will be just right while we are working with Duke. Speaking of Duke, I start my rehab tomorrow. Lee asked me yesterday if I was getting nervous and I said "no, of course not". Well I need to retract that statement because I really have the jitters.
This is it. This is why we came out here. There's no more pretending or saying "someday"...we are in the here and now. It is a little overwhelming for both of us. I have confidence that once I get started it will be fine but I know the program is VERY demanding.
I'll blog tomorrow night about what the first day was like.
I hope everyone is well and we send you our love,
Lee, Wendy and Missy

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  1. Oh Wendy, you crack me up..LOVE THE DINING ROOM TABLE! You are one of the strongest peole I know..OK, after Jan. You will do just fine. I have faith in you!