Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 2 of Rehab

As I was typing the title of this blog it came to me that our life is no longer measured in simple days or weeks..everything seems to revolve around my breathing - or lack thereof. I'm not sure that is a psychologically healthy way to look at things. I wonder - haven't yet asked - if Lee wouldn't prefer some non-problematic measurement. How about week 2 of our adventure? We'll probably try that one for a while.

Rehab started an hour earlier today - don't know why but I do know that we got out early and that was nice. I wasn't any less tired though :-) Worked out more on leg strengthening. Duke is obsessed with leg strength and I'm glad they are because I wasn't. The staff is incredible. They know every one's name that walks through that gym and why they are there and how they are doing. It's almost like watching a politician running for office when they walk through the place and say "hi there Ken. how is Sally (wife) and your kids? are both the boys still in soccer" It's not quite that bad but I'm really impressed because I haven't learned half of their names yet - thank heaven for name badges! Did I tell you that I have my own Duke Health badge for the gym? Everyone has one and the bar code on the back says what they are here for. We all have to "scan in" when we "scan out" so I guess they don't care how long we are there.

I learned a valuable lesson today. When they suggest you bring snacks for your afternoon, they weren't kidding. I didn't bring anything except water today and I could sure tell by the time I headed to the bikes. I've been bringing 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, apple slices and low fat cheddar cheese. I missed the protein today. But I survived and they didn't half to drag me off the floor and take me to the ER!

When I left it was raining and for the first time since we arrived in NC I really thought it was cool outside...of course who would have brought an umbrella (it was sunny when I left the house) and who would have brought a jacket because it was sunny when I left the house :-) Needless to say I was real wet and real cold by the time I had trudged to the car...not sure how someone lugging oxygen can exactly trudge but it seems like that what I did.

I got home early today so Lee suggested we go to Sam's Club. I was all for it because we found that owning only one GPS is not a good thing when neither driver has a clue where they are going and both are driving separate places at the same time. As you've guessed we bought a second Garmin (yea!). Now I can venture out and know that eventually I'll get home!

Speaking of rain, Missy is definitely not into it. She sort of skulks down the sidewalk and tiptoes onto the grass to go potty. It's like she doesn't want to get any wetter than she has to. I don't think she has any concern at all for the poor dumb fool who's hold the other end of her leash and getting soaked! Tonight Lee tried the "I can't take her out because it's raining". Why? Will he melt? I don't think so. I took her out but he gets the next one and if she wakes us up in the night to go out I'm going to wake Lee up. Missy is just like any little kid...go wake up Mom and don't bother Dad. Why???? Lee is her best buddy all during the day but when the sun goes down it becomes me. I thought I'd gotten past that but I guess some things just go on and on!

Tomorrow morning we have Lee's doctor appointment (I wanted to share the wealth!). Actually he is meeting this doctor so he has one for medicine refills and so he get get a Doctor's clearance to join the gym. They have a long questionnaire and if you answer two of them with a "yes" then you need a clearance...I'd like to meet the one person who managed to answer that questionnaire with only one "yes"!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I meet a cardiologist who's going to do my Heart Catherization on Thursday. I hope he looks older than 12 and he has steady hands - my two criteria for success!

Because I have a Dr appt I get an excused absence from rehab. I'm surprised they didn't ask me to come in before and after the appt! I shouldn't make fun because I know when they are done with me I will be in really good shape for surgery and when I finish the program post-transplant I'll be in great shape and that's something I've never been!

Well I'm signing off because I have a lot of stockings to finish tonight and then it's off to bed.

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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