Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF - next week's got to be better!

I haven't felt good since Wednesday night...cold?  flu? Who knows and it really doesn't matter what they call it if you don't feel good.  Duke took a strong interest in my being sick and I am now on an anti-biotics, a steroid and tami-flu.  Those ought to do something!!!

I don't have a sore throat any more and I'm not coughing as much and my headache is pretty much gone so I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be sick.  I know that sounds dumb but with all the lung problems I have when I get sick it seems to stick around.  Today Lee and I were lifting stuff and I was moving some things around.  All of a sudden I felt a little dizzy and a little short of breath so off to find the pulse oxymeter.  Well my sat number was 84 (not good) and my pulse was 146 (a little too good).  I sat myself right down and hung out waiting for one number to go up and the other to go down!  It was a bit scary because my pulse has never gotten that high before.  It came down but I need to remember to rest and take it easy.  Who wants to do that when you feel a little better???  I'll be a good patient this weekend - practice for the transplant :-)

I got the results back from my PET scan...I have an odd little module in my upper right lobe that they can't really determine if it's malignant or not.  Don't freak out Amy because there is lots of good news and not any bad news...
  • The nodule hasn't grown since the CT scan in August
  • No lymph nodes are inflamed
  • No where else on my body "glowed"
  • If it is cancer then the transplant will cure it!
  • They will definitely still transplant if it came out as cancerous
  • The only way to determine if it's cancer or not is to have a biopsy and why bother if we're going to take out the whole lung!
No down sides.  I thought I'd be worried about this but I really am not.  Khara isn't worried at all and with her experience in this field, I feel comfortable going with her intuition.  Khara's going to present it at Team Meeting on Tuesday for Dr. Zaas and the surgeon to talk about.

I'm just really glad that nothing unexpected showed up...that would have been a real bummer and could have created transplant problems.  The only test left is to swallow the probe for 24 hours.  I tried everything I could think of to get out of that but it just didn't fly :-(

On to some good news...a garage came open today so tomorrow - unless it rains - we can move all the junk we've been piling up in the dining room into our new garage.  Wow, it will seem like our apartment got so much bigger!  I don't know if we are going to move our dining set that we currently have in the kitchen into our dining room or leave it in the kitchen.  I'll just leave that up to Lee, our interior decorator!

The craft room is coming along.  I have all the embroidery thread organized (thanks to Lee) and the sewing machine and serger and embroidery machine are all set up and operating.  My newest toy, a Stahl's Heat Press, is now set up and I've done my first three shirts...VERY cool!  Guess what you're getting for Christmas -- just kidding :-)

Oh!  I should have shared this info right up front....
Lee drove to Walgreens three times today and didn't get lost once!  He wasn't using his GPS either!!!
He said he's going to try for the grocery store tomorrow without using GPS.  I think his goal is to be able to drive three miles in any direction without GPS :-)

Missy is well...she LOVES her walks because she gets Lee with her.  Today Lee and Missy walked a couple of miles through the apartment complex and down the street to the stop sign.  It's really great exercise for both of them and they both come back with smiles (or wags)!

I'm done blabbing and off to read my book (the last of the Twilight series).  I wish I'd never gotten hooked on those books but now I want to read the last one slowly to make it last!

Love to all and hope everyone has a great weekend,
Lee, Wendy and Missy

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