Friday, October 9, 2009

End of the first week!

Wow, this week didn't come to a close any time too soon! I am absolutely exhausted. Even though I'm so tired, it is a good kind of exhaustion. I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish everything every day but somehow I did it.

I really like all the staff. There must be at least 15 respiratory therapists plus some other people that I'm not sure what their title is. We don't all get one-on-one treatment (no personal trainers!) but someone seems to always be there if you need anything at all. Everyone is very encouraging even when you feel like you're ready to fall down.

I better understand why the program doesn't let the spouse or caregiver attend rehab. They explained that their experience has shown that caregivers have a tendency to "hover" or worry too much and it can interfere with the patient's progress. I can think of a couple of times this week that I would have loved to have had Lee there so he could step up and say I looked just to weak to continue!! Just kidding because I know I have to give it everything I have because I owe it to my future donor to make my body as healthy as it can be prior to transplant. When I think about getting a transplant someday it really motivates me to work even harder than I have been. This may seem to morbid for some of you - and if it is I apologise -but I know that the only way I'm going to be given a new life is for someone else to die. I owe it to that person's family to give it everything I have and more.

Now on to other topics...Lee got new tires on his truck today. His still had plenty of tread but there has to be a max number of years they are good for. The truck is a 1998 and had original tires! The man needs to drive his truck more!!!! ;=)

We haven't finished unpacking my craft/embroidery room but last night we put a little dent in it. We don't want to hammer nails in apartment walls so I bought shelving units to put in the closet to store my extra stuff that was in all of my cupboards in CA. We'll keep unpacking and setting up tomorrow and Amy is coming out on Sunday so we can sew. We are putting together an order for a woman that Amy met. That will be nice.

Then after Sunday it all starts again. Next week, in addition to rehab, I have my first medical appointment with Dr. Zaas (my pulmonologist). I'm really looking forward to it because we have lots of questions. I also want to know how close I've gotten to losing the 10 pounds I need to shed! I also see the cardiologist on Tuesday and have my second heart cath on Thursday (they will let me take that day off of rehab).

Well I'm ready for bed. We sure miss everyone in CA and we hope everybody is doing great!

Lee, Wendy and Missy

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