Friday, October 16, 2009

End of another week 10-16-09

Well the week is over and I've had two more tests. The heart cath went very well except for the bruising. My leg, where they went into the artery and the vein looks purple! And then there are the bruises from trying to put an IV in :-(

I also had a heart echo test with a bubble test. Basically it's an ultrasound of my heart and then they shoot bubbles into a vein to watch how it moves from the right side of the heart to the left. They are looking for leaks. It also meant another IV....ugh

Lee and I were talking at dinner tonight about the transplant list. Dr. Zaas intends to list me next Friday (one week!) as long as the rest of my tests are done. I think they will be because next week is pretty full with tests and tests and more tests! We are trying to make plans but I'm sure we are not thinking of something. We got a house phone because our cell phones weren't that clear in our house and we want to be able to hear the phone if it rings at 3:00 in the a.m. We were talking about Missy -- we're going to ask the neighbor (they are very nice) if they will walk Missy if Lee can't get back to the apt. We were talking about what we do if one of us gets the call and we aren't together (what if I'm at Amy's; Fitness Center; shopping; etc) We will have up to 2 hours so we should be able to connect and get to the hospital in that time.

I have some papers I need to sign with the pre-transplant coordinator on Monday. Per Khara, one is a contract that I need to sign that says I will go by all the rules. Well, if I am going to have a transplant I'd think it's a no-brainer to follow the rules but apparently that isn't always the case. Lee and I still talk about the high percentage of transplant patients that go back to smoking after a transplant - that just makes NO sense to us. It took me 11 trys to quit smoking so I know I'd never want to go through that again!!!!

I'm really looking forward to January when NC law makes it illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants. So far we have only been in one restaurant that still has a smoking section. We have avoided The Waffle House (highly recommended by Stephen) because I know that they allow smoking and they all look like dives to us anyway.

Lee and I both got our flu shots this week and Lee also got a tetanus and I got #2 of Hepatitis B. I know it must seem like we are really big into needles but we really aren't!

I know this sounds sort of disjointed tonight (if not always!) but I'm really tired and I sort of don't feel good so I think I'll head to bed and wake up feeling great.

Love to all,
Lee, Wendy and Missy

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